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Time Ticket

Time Ticket User interfaceTime Ticket is a simple Joomla! 1.5 time tracking component that allows your site users to report their time spent on an unlimited list of projects.  It was developed internally as a straight forward and easy tool for our team members to track their time, as most of us are working on multiple projects every day.

The user is presented with a simple form where they can enter hours and a brief note for every job that is open.  The default view is set to the current day, but users can use the mootools date picker to select a date and modify entries for any selected date.  We kept the user interface very simple to maximize the ease of use so that the user isn't burdened by keeping accurate track of their time.



EO MediaLab's Workbench buttonThe EO MediaLab's Workbench is our only support product.

We aren't asking anyone to pay for our products, we are offering them as Free Open Source Software (FOSS).

What we are asking is that is if you want access to support for our products please make a contribution to our Workbench program.  Workbench will provide access to for an entire year (12 months):

  • Our Forums with access to support
  • Access to point releases of products
  • Changes, additions, and input into the future direction of these components



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