What's up at EO MediaLabs?

Mad ScientistAt EO MediaLabs we are working hard to generalize, update, and release quite a number of custom Joomla! components (even resurrecting some old Mambo ones) that we have written for customers over the years.  Our goal is to produce these under GPL v2 or v3 and release them to the Joomla! community as FOSS (Free Open Source Software).

We don't anticipate requiring club membership for access to the core components we are publishing.  We have created a subscription option, the MediaLab's Workbench, for those users who want:

  • In-depth support through forums and email
  • Access to interim releases, fixes, etc...
  • Changes, additions, and input into the future direction of these components



We know from experience that supporting, fixing, and releasing components can be a strain on a company that at the same time is producing work and websites for clients.  We are committed to supporting our components but hope we can develop a small revenue stream from the Workbench that helps us keep these components at a higher priority. For those who don't want to subscribe (don't have the money or are just opposed to paying for anything Open Source), the code will be there for you to tweak, fix, and maintain to your heart's content.  We will provide documentation (and keep it up to date) for major releases of components, and FAQs for non-Workbench members, but ONLY Workbench members will have access EO MediaLabs directly for support.


Special arrangements will be made for those who want to provide assistance in the form of translations, CSS and layouts, or code contributions,  You can contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We think this approach is a fair balance and in keeping with the spirit of Open Source.  We may change our mind or may be compelled by circumstances to handle things differently, but for now please enjoy our selection of released EO MediaLabs Concoctions!