Tweetports Frontpage imageTweetports derives its name from the combination of Tweets (as in Twitter) and Reports. This Joomla! 1.5 component allows registered users to add "reports" to a Joomla! site primarily using Twitter.

If users are tweeting using a geo-enabled twitter client their reports will be placed directly where their longitude and latitude location is. Tweetports however allows for alternative methods of reporting primarily using # (hashtags) which can be including in a tweet or using the Tweetports Manual Report interface.

Tweetports uses interactive Google Maps for displaying geo-targeted reports and deriving geo-positioning for user submitted locations. Site admins can also create their own #hashtag locations, and for those locations that Google can't locate the administrative interface allows for manual input of longitude and latitude coordinates.

Tweetports was originally developed to support a Joomla!-based fishing website, site users are able to tweet fishing reports in realtime using either geo-enabled application or using #hashtags that relate to the area they were fishing in.  This approach provided groundbreaking accuracy and timeliness of information which can make the difference between catching fish and spending a day on the water just washing lures.

Now Tweetports is available for you to use in whatever way you can think of!  We all are really excited to see how many different directions it can go, and we'll be here ready to help you get to that destination.

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