Time Ticket

Time Ticket User interfaceTime Ticket is a simple Joomla! 1.5 time tracking component that allows your site users to report their time spent on an unlimited list of projects.  It was developed internally as a straight forward and easy tool for our team members to track their time, as most of us are working on multiple projects every day.

The user is presented with a simple form where they can enter hours and a brief note for every job that is open.  The default view is set to the current day, but users can use the mootools date picker to select a date and modify entries for any selected date.  We kept the user interface very simple to maximize the ease of use so that the user isn't burdened by keeping accurate track of their time.

That's it quick and simple.

Time Ticket Summary

The project leads can be given access to both a summary and detail view for each project.  The Job Summary will show all Open jobs followed by all Closed jobs (jobs can be unpublished in the administrative backend to eliminate them from the reports) with the total hours for all time entries.


If the job has hours associated the Job Name provides a link that leads to the summary report for that job.  The summary header includes all of the job details including:  Job Name, Job Number, Total Hours Budget, Budget, Description

Time Ticket Detail

Below that is a snapshot of total hours and budget per hour versus the actual hours and actual per hour.  The actual hours remains green when within budget parameters and red when outside.

At the bottom is the reported hours detail interface with a mootools accordion interface that will provide details for each user that has logged time for the selected job, with date and notes associated.

The component is designed to give quick access to project/job data so that it's easy to keep tabs on the status and budget impact of in-process projects.

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