Do you Nooku?

Here at EO MediaLabs we have begun our transition to the Nooku Framework and are eagerly awaiting the continued development of both the Nooku Framework and Nooku Server.

Our first transitional component is Time Ticket for Nooku.  Completely rewritten using Nooku, Time Ticket has reduced code and added features including:

  • AJAX form with JSON
  • Interactive date picker
  • Table-less design
  • Improved Mootools support with tabs and accordion


Feel free to checkout our Nooku Framework Playground and play around with Time Ticket for Nooku.

Keep in mind that Nooku Framework is an ongoing effort by a great Open Source team led by Johan Janssens and a fun and vibrant community of more than 400 early adopters.  Nooku Framework and Nooku Server are not stable long-term releases, so keep that in mind as you begin Nooku adoption, embrace the ongoing development process, and get involved.  Nooku is already extremely powerful and over the last couple of weeks we've had a blast beginning our immersion and we are now fully committed moving forward.

Nooku IS the direction for our future.