Mad Concoctions

What's up at EO MediaLabs?

Mad ScientistAt EO MediaLabs we are working hard to generalize, update, and release quite a number of custom Joomla! components (even resurrecting some old Mambo ones) that we have written for customers over the years.  Our goal is to produce these under GPL v2 or v3 and release them to the Joomla! community as FOSS (Free Open Source Software).

We don't anticipate requiring club membership for access to the core components we are publishing.  We have created a subscription option, the MediaLab's Workbench, for those users who want:

  • In-depth support through forums and email
  • Access to interim releases, fixes, etc...
  • Changes, additions, and input into the future direction of these components




Do you Nooku?

Here at EO MediaLabs we have begun our transition to the Nooku Framework and are eagerly awaiting the continued development of both the Nooku Framework and Nooku Server.

Our first transitional component is Time Ticket for Nooku.  Completely rewritten using Nooku, Time Ticket has reduced code and added features including:

  • AJAX form with JSON
  • Interactive date picker
  • Table-less design
  • Improved Mootools support with tabs and accordion




Tweetports Frontpage imageTweetports derives its name from the combination of Tweets (as in Twitter) and Reports. This Joomla! 1.5 component allows registered users to add "reports" to a Joomla! site primarily using Twitter.

If users are tweeting using a geo-enabled twitter client their reports will be placed directly where their longitude and latitude location is. Tweetports however allows for alternative methods of reporting primarily using # (hashtags) which can be including in a tweet or using the Tweetports Manual Report interface.


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